How to Growing Your Business Online

Looking to grow your business online without a lot of money?  Bet you never really gave to much time and attention to how important it is for your business to be online. Or how about giving much thought or energy into what your website looks like.

Don’t worry you’re like most businesses right now scrambling to build their websites, improve their websites, increase their social media engagement, or even build a following. In this article, we will share practical tips on how to grow your business on a small budget. If you are just starting a business, then you cannot afford to waste money. These are basic tools and strategies to get you started even you have no virtual presence at all. Are you ready to get started? Remember you will all get this information but only 1% of you will implement these strategies and grow your business online. Our goal is to help you compete with the big guys without spending a fortune.

Have a home base for your business.

This step is imperative. You need a place to direct people to when you are trying to share information about yourself or sell a product(s). Your home base is your website. Yes everyone in business needs a website. Whether you use a fully developed website or a landing page you need a place in which you are guiding customers to find out more about your business or to purchase your offer. 

We know there is a lot do it yourself platforms out there, which is great just to get something up but think long term success and growth, it is worth the investment to find a web designer/developer to create a website custom to your brand and business goals. We recommend using WordPress. To be clear we are talking about, not It is the most popular website platform and most flexible for small and large businesses. 

Specific topics of having a home base include

  • Lead/email capture pages
  • virtual presence building

Build a network for your business.

While you are working or the kinks of your business home base, build a network around your service(s) or product(s). How? Well, make sure to have a Facebook page, Instagram account, a Pinterest account, if applicable to your business, and even sign up for twitter. Posting on these platforms consistently will expand your reach of people, enabling you to talk to your target market. Be strategic with using any of these platforms. You will effectively be leveraging social media to drive traffic to your business. You realize you’re not good being active on social media, hire a social media manager to post for you.

Specific topics of building your network include 

  • Email marketing 
  • Joining other online communities
  • Collaborating with other business owners and competitors.

Effectively use FOMO to boost sales for your business

Let’s say you already have a website and you have a social network, then now is the time for you to us FOMO [fear of missing out psychology tatic] to drive sales and conversions. Keeping in mind the types of clients you’d like to work with have the lowest price point that will for the service or product you are sharing. A scarcity mindset is a powerful thing. With this strategy, you are doing something most large corporation so when they have “1-day sales” or limited time offers. 

There are many great ways to grow your business online. Choosing the right strategy and tools for your business is the most important thing. We are available to help you build your business online. Comment below or email us how we can help you with your business today! Later guys.

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