7 Tips to Have a Better Work-Life Balance at Home

Too often, work takes precedence over everything else in our lives. Our desire and drive to succeed professionally can push us to set aside our own well-being. Creating a harmonious work-life balance is critical, to improving our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

What is work-life balance, and why is it important?

In short, work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one’s career and the demands of one’s personal life.

1. Accept that there is NO perfect work-life balance

Repeat it, “There’s no such thing as perfect” especially a perfect work/life balance. Once you’ve admitted and accepted that you’re already in the most optimal position to smile more, laugh more, and enjoy life on your terms. Mindset is a real thing. Countless amounts of people aren’t where they want to be in life and have achieved what they desire because of their mindset and limitations they set for themselves whether consciously or unconsciously. You’ve got this!

2. Prioritize your health 

Listening to your body is basic. When you are hungry you eat and when you thirsty your drink. So listen to your body when you are tired and so forth. Your health is a the best indicator of where you are in life physically and also give you the best clues as to how to improve your life. Stressed? Well, ask yourself what is making you stressed and prioritize making the necessary changes to reduce or eliminate stress. Again listen to your body and your future self will thank you.

3. Manage your time

How many times have you said, “there’s not enough time”? Guess what there is plenty of time. Plenty of time for you to get the important things done and feel accomplished for the day. Managing your time is as simple as making a plan at the beginning of the week, chucking things down into smaller tasks divided up throughout the week. 

4. Set goals

Goals are great, but if they’re unrealistic then it defeats the purpose of setting them in the first place. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in an hour, day, week, or month. If necessary start with a large list of tasks and from that make two smaller lists ( short term and long term goals). Order each goal by importance and how achievable it is right now. Then complete each task on the assigned day. Come back and tell us how much you’ve accomplished at the end of the week. We’ll be waiting!

5. Make a dedicated work space in your home

Get out of bed! Yes, you reading this. Stop working from your bed and the couch in front of the television. Get up and walk to your kitchen table or home office that you haven’t used in forever. Sit in a chair bar straight and now continue reading. The amount of work you get done will be a reflection on where you do you work. Going to coffee shops, libraries, getting out of the house or having a DEDICATED WORK SPACE are proven to increase productivity for many who run a home based business. We want you to be productive so your business grows beyond your wildest imagination. GET UP!

6. Unplug weekly

We know that email, social media and the internet as a whole is what’s making the world go round right now,  but that doesn’t mean that you have to be on it 24/7. Don’t be afraid to unplug weekly or even daily if you really want to be hardcore with having time for yourself and family. It’s totally normal to talk to people face to face every now and again. Trust us we do it

7. Take a vacation

When was the last time you went to the airport? Seriously. If you are struggling to answer this then, book a trip now. Actually you don’t even have to take a trip if it’s not in your budget, just take some time off of work. We are not wired to work constantly with no extended breaks in-between. The work will be there when you get back. Take time for yourself and watch how much better you feel about life and even work. Try it you might like it!

Being successful is great but if you’re too run down, over-worked and tired to enjoy the success what’s the point? We hope that these tips can help you in some way with creating a balance within. Later guys.


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